Fast Forward, pause, play

Over the past three months my non-blogging life has been on fast forward while my blogging life has been paused. Other than a couple of commitments that I’d made before the summer ended, I’ve neglected this poor little blog terribly. I tried to plan ahead and even developed a list of topics, an editorial calendar so that I could keep the blog going until I returned. But the best laid plans… you know how it goes.

Since May my day job, the one that pays the bills, has become incredibly busy. New responsibilities, tight timelines, an aggressive travel schedule, passive-aggressive team members drained my energy and increased my stress levels.

Airport tarmac (c)

Add to that an aging parent struggling with an illness, a partner struggling with business and personal issues meant that I had to take on more than I ever thought that I could handle. Then when it all settled down, I got sick.

Around the Olive and Ruby homestead, I could barely get a half decent dinner on the table and the few times that I made photo worthy food, I barely had the energy to write the posts to accompany them. Things have finally settled down, I just took my last business and personal trip for the year, the holidays will soon be here and I’m looking forward to heading back into the kitchen.

Pressing play now>>>

Sunset from plane (c)

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