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When we first moved into this house I was in a hurry to decorate.  We moved two apartments into one house, so after much culling – mainly his things – and purchasing new shiny things, we arrived at a style that makes our place feel like home. But our style has since evolved, and I want to make some changes, so after much procrastinating I'm pulling up my big girl boots and getting started. 

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been pinning, lusting, looking at tons of magazines, and wishing I could hire a ton of people to help me achieve what I want to do. I’ve even thought of selling the house and starting over with a blank canvas but then reality intrudes. So here’s where I am today;

  • I haven’t won the lottery so I’ve simply got to stop dreaming about gutting the house and starting over.
  • I will work with what I have. I have some great foundation pieces that I’ve collected over time, and from my travels so I’ve simply got to change up the way that I use them to give things a fresher newer feel. 
  • I will use skills that I have. I spent many years learning to sew and here's a little known fact - my mom and I made all of the curtains for my house, so I will stop being lazy and get out the machine and start sewing again.
  • I can’t do it all at once – still haven’t won the lottery while writing this post – so I’m going to tackle one room at a time. We spend a lot of time in the family room/great room, so it may make sense for me to start there, however don't be surprised if you see me talking about changing up the bedroom. I'm a woman and I like to change my mind, problem??
  • I live with a large dog and a man so while I love the idea of an all white room, it is highly impractical because they both tend to gravitate to anything new that comes into the house. The dog loves to claim every new blanket as his own, sigh!
  • I need to get crafty. In addition to stalking people on food blogs, I stalk an inordinate number of lifestyle/design bloggers so I will stop stalking and start asking questions and learn how to customize furniture pieces to my specifications.
  • I need to be patient and be detailed oriented – if you know me IRL, I’m not known for possessing huge amounts of either skill.


Last but not least I need to plan, plan, plan and create a mood board/vision board and carry that with me so that I don’t end up making unnecessary purchases that aren’t really part of the plan. And most importantly know when to hire the right person to start, or finish the job if it's too big for me.  Here are a couple of the pics that I found on the internet, and I’m carrying around for inspiration. 

We have a brown leather sectional and I always have problems buying cushions, I never know what pattern to get or more importantly how many to buy. I like the pattern on these cushions and the overall staging with the rug. 

I like the way that they used the shelves in the corner to display the knick-knacks that they have and I'm seriously loving that round side table.

We love lots of colour, so I'm drawn the different coloured cushions on the couch, that's something that I've yet to try. I typically mix and match 2 colours but this looks visually more interesting to me. Loving the round side table again. I love the fact that the it gives a different shape to counteract the "squareness" of the sectional and table. 

I like the size of the art on this wall. My sectional runs alng a very long wall and I've got one piece of art on there but it looks very lonely so I need something else to finish it and I like the continuity and the look of the texture in this piece.  So armed with these as inspiration I'm gonna do some shopping. Stay tuned.  




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