Making Changes

We’ve spent the last couple of year travelling to lots of different exotic locations and that has come at a price. We’ve not done certain things around the house that need to be done like re-doing the back patio, changing the carpet upstairs, and upgrading the kitchen countertops. If my grandmothers were alive they’d surely be appalled to learn that besides taking my curtains down and washing them regularly, the curtains hanging up in my dining room are the same ones from 10 years ago. 

Now the house isn’t falling down by any stretch of your or my imagination, (it's only 15 years old) but in the last 10 years our tastes have evolved, and despite some small cosmetic upgrades  I think that we are overdue for a change in décor. Today, as I wrestled with the grass growing up through the cursed patio stones, I decided that I've had enough. So I’m going to balance out, not give up entirely, one or two exciting travel destinations and work on a couple of things on the house list. 

While I’d love to say that I’d be doing the work myself, my strength lies in my ability to pick up the phone, and hire a kick-ass contractor to do the work for me. I admire those who have the time, energy and patience to work on things on their own, but I would rather save my skills (and back) for creating vision boards and wandering though the stores trying to pick up new and exciting pieces.  

From time to time, I’m going to blog about my experiences because after all, in addition to cooking and baking, Olive and Ruby is about life – my life.  Hopefully you’ll grow/go with me as I extend my blog into the other areas of life that are of interest to me. Now please excuse me as I go off and decide which room to start on, without throwing my whole house and life into complete chaos. 

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